Howies Microadventure Competition — The Winning Videos

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Just got a note through to say that this video I made (with some of Andy’s camerawork) has been selected by Howies as one of the four winners of their micro-adventure competition! Yay!


What does this mean?

  • I’ve scored a very minor yet encouraging victory in my long-running quest to become a ‘professional’ adventure filmmaker
  • I get a box of nice new clobber, and my wife will no longer be able to complain that I never have any decent clothes
  • A whole raft of people got outdoors for a couple of days and found simple and imaginative adventures on their doorsteps, which is what the competition was really all about.

These are the fellow winners (and honourable mention) and they are all ace. It’s the weekend so you’ve no excuse not to watch them (and then go and do one):


[youtube width=“720” height=“400”][/youtube]



Over the next few weeks I’m planning to put together a series of blog posts on making short films. The most effortless and enjoyable videos to watch are also the most difficult to make, and with decent filming gear never cheaper, and editing software never more accessible, it’s a good time to go back to the fundamentals. I’m no expert, but I’ve got enough experience to be able to share some of it.

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  1. Congratulations on your winning entry. And the new clothes!!!
    P.S. Just going to watch the other winners and then I’m going to have an adventure of my own soon — can I get to London for free using my newly issued Bus Pass 🙂

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