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Janapar: A Long-Awaited Title (Thanks To You)

Writing and filming the bloody thing was the easy bit. After months of fruitless pondering and a last-minute flurry of readers’ ideas from Turn to Tom’s Bike Trip: What Not To Do If You Want To Cycle Round The World, it was only last night I finally decided on a title: Janapar.

Most people’s reaction so far has been along the lines of  “Hmmm… interesting…” (whilst stroking their chin thoughtfully)

“…so what does it mean?”

Janapar - last day of the online edit

It’s an Armenian word meaning ‘journey’, ‘way’, ‘route’, ‘road’ or something of a similar sentiment. This isn’t entirely obvious, and that’s why I’m going to use a subtitle to give it some context (doubtless another few weeks of pondering are in store). But I chose Janapar because it’s simple, personal, unique, intriguing and couldn’t be more relevant to the story. It manages to be pronounceable in English without assistance. And I just like it.

The discussion, over a hundred comments strong, created a hugely helpful pool of thoughts from which to draw. In the end, the idea to use an appropriate Armenian word came from Al Humphreys, and ample persuasion along that route plus the idea to use a subtitle came from Lance Cumming. Thanks, guys, I’ll be in touch. And equal thanks to everyone who contributed to such an overwhelming and productive response!

Now comes the really tough part — getting it all out there…

6 replies on “Janapar: A Long-Awaited Title (Thanks To You)”

Watched your trailer last night. Excellent ol’chap.

Great title and even better font. What is it?, the font I mean!

Hey Nigel — the font was actually designed from scratch for the title by my wife Tenny. She used the Armenian alphabet for influence, although you’d have to be familiar with it to notice!

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