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Film Blog: “Janapar” Official Trailer Released Today

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After a lot of head-scratching, many re-scripts, and two failed editing attempts in November and January, James and I sat down on Thursday last week with a gallon of coffee and spent a rather wired day in front of a few hundred hours of footage and a copy of Final Cut Pro. The video above is the result — the first theatrical trailer for Janapar — and we hope it’ll be the one that does the story justice.

Some may be surprised that we haven’t exactly pandered to the adventure film genre. But if you’ve been following my blog for more than a year or two, you’ll know that the story behind this documentary is slightly more complicated — and, therefore, slightly more interesting — than a very long bike ride.

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Hi Tom and Ben
Just seen your great adventure while sitting here with 

Hi, a great adventure.
I’m sure Chris, Regan and Jack would like to see you in LA.
Best of luck
Eric and Chris


This looks to be an absolutely amazing film! I cannot wait to see it. I am about to leave on a solo tour of America (which is quite tame by comparison) but just this trailer and your few closing words are wonderful positive reinforcement.


Thought it was a bit over done with all the dramatic music etc. Your story sounds great and you have had fantastic experiences it does not need clever production to bring that across. Now if you wanted to make my ride today look one tenth as interesting then yes bring on the music,clever camera work and lots of dramatic face to camera. It would need all that and much much more. Great blog and film though keep it up.

[…] to explore the ends of the earth and actual can’t‑live-without-this-amazing-woman love. Janapar is his story. Check out the trailer, released yesterday, right here. var fbShare = {url: […]

Excellent and brilliant trailer. I am looking forward getting more information when the whole movie will starts

amazing feel in narration through music… unique subject…i remember my own place where there were no roads…those innocent faces…real people living with a original life style…i was mesmerized watching your trailor of janapar…eagerly waiting to see how is tenny and what happened to tom…as a media editor in a tv station in India i already wrote an interesting story with photographs and trailor… i received tremondous response from my viewers…awaiting for your reply Tom…srinivas dasu (DS) INDIA

I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the whole film, and I absolutely loved every moment. You won’t be disappointed! Great job, Tom — on the film and also on my lovely new website. Thank you!!

Whow, that really invites to see more! Can’t wait to see the whole movie. Enjoy your journey through America.

Great trailer — pulls you in and would leave those slightly less informed about your personal life wondering what happened; perfect.
As one about to set off for a cycle through Africa with my wife-to-be I’m more than intrigued to see how you coped with the challenges of life on the road together.
Have a great ride with your brother. Best wishes to you all,
Dan 🙂

WOW!! It looks great. Should have taken my bloody video camera with me.… Looking forward to the full version

I love the trailer, Tom, ever so inspiring. However, I agree that maybe “Janapar” needs to be shed a little light on, and basic facts about the bike ride — maybe just some text floating over the images. Good luck with all!

Hey Eszter! Guess you’ll recognise some of the landscapes in the trailer? And I think you’re right about the clarity issue. We’ve added a subtitle to the trailer now, and we’ll be adding more background information to the Janapar website too.

Hey Tom, looks superb. Looking forward to the full film. Perhaps I can arrange some screenings in Oz if it’s finished before I leave again. All the best with your trip to Mexico! Sounds great.

Hey Tom,

This gave me chills and goosebumps. Can’t wait to see this. I’m just about to set off on my first cycle tour through Turkey and Europe and your blog and adventures have been a great inspiration.

Hope you have a great time in the USA.

Great! I’ve been looking forward to this! I’m still hoping this project of yours gets more recognition.

As for feedback, I showed this to my girlfriend, a neutral party who knows no real details of your trip. Her reaction was, “It looks interesting, but what’s ‘Janapar’? I feel it needs a subtitle.”

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