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Film Blog: Janapar Will Premiere At Raindance Film Festival

I hung up the phone, and a primal scream filled the empty house. The signal had been choppy, but I had made out one clear fact: Janapar had been selected for the 20th Raindance Film Festival!

Oh, the sheer relief I felt on receiving that news! A year since we finished cutting, and finally we’ve found the platform from which to launch our labour of love. Suddenly, almost horrifyingly, the premiere date is barely three weeks away!

Raindance, which opens in London on September 25th, is actually an extremely good fit. Eschewing the mainstream, Raindance sets its sights firmly on independent filmmaking, and has done so for the last twenty years, to the point where it is now the biggest such film festival in the UK and, according to Variety, one of the top 50 film festivals in the world.

Although this is utterly brilliant news, it’s not the only reason we’re glad. We’ve always suspected that — while undeniably a tale of adventure — this story has an audience beyond the adventure crowd too. Seeing Janapar amongst Raindance’s broad spread of fiction, documentary, feature-length and short films is valuable affirmation that the message we wanted to spread is resonating.

I can barely express how glad I am. I extend my deepest thanks to the many readers of this blog who have encouraged this process, supported the project at preview events, and given valuable feedback and assistance in so many ways!

But of course, being ever the pragmatist, I reminded myself that there’s a huge distance still to go with Janapar. A premiere gives us a runway, but it doesn’t give us a flight plan. That is the job that will occupy the rest of September, and probably the rest of 2012.

The premiere will be held on Friday 28th September. I’ll be blogging throughout this utterly new adventure, so do stay tuned for updates.

Are you a journalist or blogger in the field of adventure, travel or cycling? I’d love to talk to you about attending and covering this event — get in touch.

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