Make This Blog Better — Tell Me What You Want

Over the years, my blog has attracted a reasonable following. So the premise of this post is simple. If you’re a regular visitor, tell me, in the comments section, what kind of thing you’d like to see more of (or less of). Some common themes appear in this poll.

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If you don’t have time to comment, please at least vote for your preferred kind of content. I’d really appreciate it.

6 Responses to “Make This Blog Better — Tell Me What You Want”

  1. Paul Morris

    At the moment, because I’m planning my first bike trip, I’m really interested in the advice and equipment reviews. What I’m likely to come back to more and more are your live blog posts from current trips. I really enjoyed reading about your journey to Scandanavia. All good though. Thanks!

  2. Reuben Tabner

    Hi Tom,

    Thing is, I read your blog on each update as its good how it is! That’s not to say it can’t be improved, I’m sure it can be… however don’t change it, if that makes sense? I find it really difficult to come up with content for my blog, or when I have the content, I don’t have the time to write it… Like now, I’ve been on the road for weeks, I have loads of stories, but not the time to write them up.…

    Thing’s like “live trip blogs” Whilst I would really love to read them, I haven’t ticked it, because that risks changing why you are travelling. If it’s something you feel happy doing then it should be done, but if its going to change the very nature of the trip for you, then it shouldn’t!

    Anyway, the only thing I would ask… is an index… I’m in the process of trying to sort my own expedition bike… and it took me a while this morning to find the article you had written… found it now… its bookmarked. 😉



    • Tom

      Reuben, thanks for pointing that out — I’ll put an index together right now!

  3. Simon

    I initially found your site during your live blogging from the Arctic last winter and was very impressed with the quality of your writing. So i am more interested in the “inspiration” writing of where you have been and how you did it than the kit reviews.

  4. Sausage King

    I find almost all your stuff useful so I wasn’t able to pinpoint one thing to see more of. It’s always good to read what other people are up to as you hatch your own plans!

  5. Tom

    Thanks for the replies so far, they’ve been really encouraging. It’s interesting to see that ‘more photos’ is currently top of the list. Just when I needed a bit of motivation to get the camera out again…


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