(More) Evidence For The Value Of Crafted Adventure Media

While defending my views on the use of social media on expeditions or journeys, I thought I’d share a reminder I recently received of why I bother raising such points and investing so much energy in all of this.

Hi Tom,

It’s been great following your adventures thus far, and I look forward to the book with anticipation.

I also want to say a massive thank you for giving me the necessary push, along with Andy last year, to embark on my own adventure!

You may remember an email from me to you both at Ride Earth, when I was not sure of the merits of going on a long distance bike trip at the grand old age of 41?

Well, with the spark of youth that you both put in my mind, when I received redundancy back in February this year, I finally had the courage to say “to hell with it” and set off from Leeds across Europe, heading for Istanbul which I reached 3 months later after the best experience of my life and raising over 800 quid for cancer children. I then decided to head to Iran via Turkey, Georgia and Armenia.

However, in true adventure style, whilst I was in a small town in Turkey I met a Georgian girl who was holidaying there. When she left for Tbilisi I decided I would spend a little time in Tbilisi with her on my way through…

We are now married and living in Tbilisi and I am happier than ever earning peanuts for teaching English to Georgians!

So thank you for the inspiration that started my adventure, as without it I would still be in the UK trudging the daily treadmill of suburban life.

Merry Christmas, and a prosperous, adventurous new year!


[name omitted for privacy]

This post is not about my writing; it’s about the author of the email and his actions. An example of the effect of meaningful and honest communication, as opposed to the disposable ‘entertainment’ and ‘information’ that society supposedly craves, and which people such as myself are under increasing pressure to provide.

So if you really value your message over your follower or ‘Like’ count, keep at it: stories such as the one above have more value than any number will ever have.

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3 responses to “(More) Evidence For The Value Of Crafted Adventure Media”

  1. Fantastic story — thanks for sharing!

  2. Great result!

  3. Andrew Rutherford avatar
    Andrew Rutherford

    Thanks for publishing the message you got from the 41 year old guy talking about his worries taking a tip at that grand old age and about how well it went. Inspiring and reassuring because it is the same worry that has plagued me.
    So thanks for the encouragement you gave him becasue without having to even telling us what you told him it has inspired me. Time to end the doubts and take a leap.


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