Stop Bleeding Away Your Travel Money Via Overseas Card Transaction Fees (UK Only)

Fee-free UK current accounts for overseas spending are hard to come by. Enter Starling Bank, a mobile-only ‘challenger’ bank offering its customers zero-fee withdrawals and purchases in any currency anywhere in the world.

Is Thailand Actually The Best Cycle Touring Destination In The World?

As I write, I’m just over a month into a wonderfully unstructured bike trip in ‘the land of a thousand smiles’, a country idolised by generations of travellers as a paradise on Earth; a destination to where 35 million people journeyed last year, a million from the UK alone. I’m…

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Oxford Bike Works & Tom’s Expedition Bike: The Story So Far

Just before I flew out to Bangkok for my current trip, I paid a visit to Richard Delacour at Oxford Bike Works to collect Tenny’s newly upgraded tourer. Based on a vintage steel Trek frame, the lovingly recycled bike is a tidy piece of work, naturally – but it got…

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How Has Cycle Touring Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Picture, if you will, the classic young middle class white male embarking on a heroic journey of self-discovery, straight out of the modern liberal all-about-me mould. Ten years ago, now… wow. Was that really me? Today I’m tweaking the gears before embarking upon the latest chapter of my life as…

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Tom’s Bike Trip Continues

A couple of years ago I had a big idea. I felt compelled to realise that idea, and it quickly consumed my life. One of the side effects was that I stopped writing this blog. Suddenly all my time and energy was being channelled into something new which had very…

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