Ride Earth 2009 Charity Calendar

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It’s a couple of weeks into January, so it’s likely you’re thinking about getting round buying yourself a calendar for 2009.

If you like your calendars to be visually appealing, you could do far worse than stumping up £12.95 for our Ride Earth charity calendar. Produced and delivered by Red Bubble, all of the profit we make on the sales of these calendars will go to our supported charity The Wilderness Foundation UK.

The calendar features 12 of the most evocative photos we’ve taken on the road over the last 18 months. It’s a celebration of the beauty of wild nature and of human culture. In A3 format and printed on glossy art-grade paper, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these images throughout the next 12 months.

The Wilderness Foundation UK is a small British charity. Andy and I know very well the positive effect that immersion in the natural world has on the mind and body. WFUK’s TurnAround project takes vulnerable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds out of the urban environment and into the Scottish Highland wildnerness. Andy and I travelled to Scotland in 2006 and spent 9 days mountain-biking across the stunning natural beauty of the Highlands.

The programme is aimed at helping these youngsters to rehabilitate through learning how to take responsibility for their lives and the society they live in, and rediscover their connection with nature.

Mankind and nature have long been separated in the eye of society, but the natural world underpins all life on the planet, human or otherwise. When we talk of the destruction of the environment, we are really talking about the destruction of our home.

As we continue to consume the limited resources of the Earth at an increasing rate, it has never been more important for people to understand their place in the natural world, and how insignificant our personal gripes become in the bigger picture of responsible stewardship of the planet. It’s a positive discovery which leads to a happier and more fulfilled existence here and now.

It’s for these reasons that we support The Wilderness Foundation UK, and ask for your support, either by buying the calendar, or by making a donation. Even if it’s only a fiver, it is the combined strength of small donations that make the work of a small charity possible.