Touring the UK with Janapar: dates & cities

Woodland Fell

Life in the Lake District continues as usual: rainy, rural and stunning. But things are about to get rather busy as I hit the road with Janapar this month.

I’m nervous about sticking my neck out and trying something completely new and experimental. But I’m also glad these events are going ahead, because I’ve spent far too much time cooped up indoors over the winter.

I’m especially looking forward to travelling to parts of the country I’ve never visited before (i.e. most of it!).

Most of the dates will follow an informal and relaxed formula — an intro before the screening, a Q&A afterwards, a book signing session and then — importantly — beer and conversations.

Here are the UK/Ireland dates and locations for the coming weeks (click the links for locations, times and ticket info):

  • London E1, Tue 19th Feb: Fundraiser screening and Q&A
  • Dublin, Wed 20th Feb: Free screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Kendal, Thu 21st Feb: Screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Newcastle, Sat 23rd Feb: Screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Ayr, Mon 25th Feb: Fundraiser screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Edinburgh, Tue 26th Feb: Screening, Q&A and book signing
  • Sheffield, Thu 28th Feb: Screening
  • Sheffield, Fri 1st Mar: Festival screening and Q&A
  • Sheffield, Sat 2nd Mar: Book signing

There are also a handful of international events coming up which I unfortunately won’t be able to attend myself, but which will nevertheless be fun:

  • Carbondale, Colorado, USA, Fri 15th Feb: Screening
  • Zagreb, Croatia, Mon 25th Feb: ZagrebDox festival screening (time TBC)
  • Moab, Utah, USA: Sat 1st Mar: Spring Thaw Festival screening
  • Indooroopilly, Queensland, Oz, Fri 22nd Mar: Screening
  • Denver, Colorado, USA, Thu 28th Mar: Screening

All of these dates have been audience-initiated — that is, they’re being organised independently by people or communities in these cities who’ve got in touch and with whom James and I have been working to get the events off the ground and put the word out.

It’s a lot of work, as no two events are the same, but it’s a really nice model — it keeps things personal and makes sure they’re done for the love of it, which is exactly where this story comes from and where my main motivation lies for it all.

The events themselves are taking place in cafés, libraries, universities, pubs and bike shops, as well as the occasional indie cinema — basically wherever there’s a screen available and enough space and seating to get some people together, which it all it really takes to put on events like this.

I’m hoping to organise more dates in the UK in May, in Europe in June, and in the USA in July, so if you’re interested in helping find a venue and an audience for a screening in your area at those times, please get in touch now.

I really hope to meet as many of you as possible at one of these events. Come and say hello!

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4 responses to “Touring the UK with Janapar: dates & cities”

  1. Check out this place. Unreal setting, small and intimate would be great for a Q+A. Situated in Hastings Old Town, great setting. See you there?!

  2. Any plans to come to Devon? Love the trailer and would be great to see more…

  3. See you at the Brewery Arts in Kendal on Thursday!

  4. Perhaps contact the new Dukes @ Komedia cinema in Brighton. They might be interesting in padding out their schedule. Plus its a pretty amazing venue. Plus I want to see the film.

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