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While You’re Waiting, You Might Enjoy…

Maybe you’ve been enjoying reading about my escapades in far-flung lands. And maybe you’re not particularly enthralled by the idea of reading up on my random musings, preparations and escapades as I remain relatively static for the next few months.

If so, look no further, as I have a few suggestions that may just keep you ticking over!

Tomorrow night (the 24th of July 2009) will see the airing of a documentary about Dominic Gill’s bicycle journey. The difference? He rode a tandem, from one end of the Americas to the other, picking up strangers on the way. Watch it on ITV4 (UK) tomorrow night at 8pm BST.

(I wish I could watch it, but ITV4 isn’t available in Armenia. I’ll just have to dream that one day our very own Ride Earth documentary might make it to the small screen…)

A journey that I followed voraciously throughout its duration was Peter Gostelow’s Long Ride Home from Japan to England — by a rather scenic route. Peter’s off again in a couple of weeks to ride from England to South Africa, and you can follow his journey and his excellent photography on his website The Big Africa Cycle. I wonder if he’ll finish the job by riding the Americas next…

Two Irishmen are hoping to become the first ever official Irish bicycle circumnavigators of the globe. They write extremely entertainingly — and concisely — and have published some great video clips of their trip so far. They’ve just landed in China to begin the ride back to Europe, home and (hopefully) a place in the record books.

Last but not least, two Dutch cyclists I met in Iran are about to take on the deserts of Turkmenistan at exactly the wrong time of year on their way east across Central Asia. If you understand Dutch, you can follow their extensive writings on their site.

I hope that keeps you busy — just don’t forget to come back next year to follow Tenny and I as we hit the road once more!

And if you do check back in the meantime, I promise to keep my musings relevant, entertaining and concise…

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