Your Frequently-Asked Questions About The Janapar Grant, Answered

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The response to the announcement of the Janapar Grant has been overwhelmingly positive – but then with £2,500 worth of bikes and equipment up for grabs, that’s no great surprise.

What’s been interesting is the questions I’ve been fielding about the specifics of the idea. Some have been obvious, some not so much. They’ve certainly got me thinking.

In response, I’ve put together a selection of the most frequently-asked, and done my best to answer them.

What are the dates for application submissions and winner announcements?

The 2016 Janapar Grant will open for applications on Monday the 29th of February, and will remain open until Friday the 15th of April. The successful applicant will be announced on Tuesday the 3rd of May.

How can I make sure I don’t miss any announcements?

The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to the mailing list. You’ll get an email every time an announcement is made.

Why is the grant only for 18–25 year olds?

In the years between 18–25, young people in British society generally remain free of such responsibilities as marriage and parenthood, as well as of pressing financial and professional commitments – conditions conducive to spending an extended period of time making such a journey.

However, a lack of first hand experience to plan such a journey, coupled with a diminished ability to fund the upfront costs of equipment, means that for many in this age group the barriers to entry seem high.

A more universal reason has to do with personal development. There is significant scientific evidence to suggest that 25 is (on average) the age at which our previously malleable beliefs and behaviours solidify, in the sense that neural pathways physically harden. Before this age, our views on the world are strongly defined by experience. We believe that exploring the world independently is one of the most valuable experiences a young person can have at this formative time.

As well as the large body of anecdotal evidence to support these views, there is a strong precedent set by existing institutions and organisations who encourage journeymaking and exploration in a similar age range. Examples include the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, Outward Bound, Raleigh International, and the Bonderman Travel Fellowship. Similar institutions involving cultural immersion include the Peace Corps and EVS, among others.

We’ve taken into consideration all of these factors while narrowing down the focus for the Janapar Grant, which is represented in the criteria for eligibility and the qualities we’ll be looking for in applicants.

In summary, the aim of the grant is to provide encouragement and support to those who’ll benefit most from it in the long-term, and we believe the 18–25 age group represents this.

Head on over to the Janapar Grant website to continue reading the F.A.Q.