Travel Memoir: Janapar – Love, on a Bike

The best laid plans always go astray — and Tom’s are no exception.

Like the documentary film of the same name, Janapar: Love, on a Bike goes much further than recounting the nuts and bolts of a long bicycle journey, exploring what it means to be a modern-day journeymaker, the challenges and tough sacrifices one must make in order to follow a dream, and the series of realisations that must befall the young and naive traveller about life and love.

Available as a paperback and Kindle edition.

Digital Guide: Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring

257 pages of hard-earned advice on getting kitted out for your adventure.

Essential Gear, Tom’s second book, is a comprehensive and timeless resource on gear for cycle touring — a guide that takes a step back from kit lists and equipment reviews and looked instead at tackling the underlying concerns of newcomers to this limitless and exciting form of travel.

Available as a digital download in PDF, Kindle and EPUB formats from

Digital Guide: Understanding Touring Bikes For Epic Expeditions

A guide to choosing the perfect bicycle for your next big adventure.

The bike is the single biggest investment most adventurous cyclists will make. Understanding Touring Bikes distils almost a decade of touring experience and that of dozens of other veteran tourers into a comprehensive yet newbie-friendly discussion of what to look for in a touring bike for a seriously epic expedition.

Available as a digital download exclusively from