3 Journeys In Progress You Should Be Following

I dip in and out of a multitude of blogs these days, in between finishing up my book, writing my own blog and getting ready for Janapar’s release. But there are few which exude the sheer quality and craftsmanship to hold my attention long-term.

Here are the best examples I know of in three traditional storytelling media: film, written word, and still image.

Film: Brazil 9000

Aaron and Gareth are barely out of the starting blocks on their latest journey, but they’ve set the bar incredibly high with this professional-quality video intro. It alone beats most of the trash on Nat Geo Adventure, let alone Youtube.


Their previous photography and video work, plus their dedication to storytelling and cultural immersion (speaking as they do Portuguese and blogging in both languages), plus the access they’ll get through travelling by foot, bicycle and canoe, hints at the beginning of a hugely promising tale of adventure.

Visit brazil9000.com →

Written Word: That Emily Chappell

If I could have written my book with half the eloquence and insight of Emily, I’d be… well, actually, I’d probably still be in a state of self-loathing, convinced that my labour of love had in fact emerged as a pile of complete and utter tosh. That’s just me.

Expect no heroic-looking self-portraits, nor endless mentions of distances covered and altitudes conquered. Instead, expect a truly fascinating account of this ex-courier solo cyclist’s inner monologue as she embarks upon the second year of her round the world journey.

Visit thatemilychappell.com →

Still Image: While Out Riding

Cass Gilbert has long been a name in the cycle-touring world. I remember using his Out There Biking resources and his extensive contributions to the Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook as inspiration for planning my own early journeys back in 2006.

Cass’s focus on slowly uncovering the road less travelled — particularly the unpaved back-country roads — brings him and his lens into contact with a world that even the road-based cycle tourist rarely stops to see. He has a talent for capturing evocative images of life’s overlooked detail, never failing to leave me both envious and awestruck.

Visit whileoutriding.com →

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5 responses to “3 Journeys In Progress You Should Be Following”

  1. @Jacqui_Hocking avatar

    I hope you’re all following Nic and Kristina in World by Cycle » http://worldbycycle.info/ Amazing blog, incredible story… x

  2. nice selection there!

  3. Three awesome journeys. I had not heard of Aaron and Gareth’s, so top find. Thanks

    1. Happy you liked it! I’d be glad to hear your suggestions too…

      1. I had previously compiled my list,; been 4 cyclists.


        One particular to me is ELVIS. As I met him in a camp in Maun 2009, while I was looking for flying work. He was then cycling from Arusha to Cape Town. He never made CT, as he was turned round at the Namibian, RSA border! 

        From that meeting, I thought, I want to be doing what he was doing, and not what I was doing. The seed was sown in time for a total change of direction for me.

        Next I came across Helen’s site, and I duly followed her travels down through Africa. This lead to you and Peter’s travels. All of you have been inspirational to me in highlighting there is another way 🙂

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