An (actually interesting) long-form interview on BBC Radio Leicester

Today I leave on a new journey, exploring language-learning in Iran. I’ll be on my way to the airport by the time this is published.

But yesterday I was invited to join presenter Ben Jackson for an extended conversation on my local radio station, BBC Radio Leicester. They were kind enough to record it for me, and I have now illegally made it available to listen to online!

Unlike most radio interviews I’ve done, this one was actually interesting. Ben has had a series of ‘adventurers’ on his show over the years, including Sarah Outen, who also hails from these parts and is about to embark upon Chapter Two of her epic London2London expedition. The interviews are long, taking the best part of an hour, and Ben is a thoughtful host with a genuine interest in exploring a story.

We talked not just about the nitty-gritty of the wandering traveller’s lifestyle, but also the personal side of journeys, the challenges faced when human relationships become involved, and how travel (or life) evolves as experience is gathered and priorities begin to change.

Do share your thoughts on what we talked about, or any questions that you think of during listening!

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