Philosophy Of Travel & The Making Of ‘Janapar’: An Interview With The Sprocket Podcast

Podcasts are to radio stations what blogs are to newspapers, and — as with all things online and unfiltered — good content bubbles to the surface through persistence and collective appreciation.

These varied and portable programmes are one of my favourite things to listen to (with one ear, naturally) during long bike rides. I’ve started to consider how the medium might be used for future projects after meeting and being inspired by the couple behind The Sprocket Podcast.


I met Brock and Adele earlier this year in Portland, Oregon. Their podcast’s quality is hinted at by its longevity — the series reaches its 88th episode with a half-hour discussion that we recorded on a sunny afternoon by the river.

In this episode, we chat about my cycle-travelling background, explore the philosophy of bicycle travel in some depth, and talk about how Janapar came into being — the first public interview I’ve given about the project.

If you enjoyed this, do check out The Sprocket Podcast’s website. (If iTunes is your thing, you can use that to listen too.)

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3 responses to “Philosophy Of Travel & The Making Of ‘Janapar’: An Interview With The Sprocket Podcast”

  1. Hello Tom,
    I’m curious and would like to listen to this podcast but apparently the link is missing, and the episode is absent from the Sprocket podcast website. Would you happen to have kept it somewhere? 🙂
    Thank you! (and thanks for your website, it’s inspiring me a lot!)

  2. Thanks Tom! We enjoyed meeting you. 

    I know you didn’t meet him that day, but I’d like to also thank Brandon Rhodes for his nearly weekly contributions to making our show what it is as well. He is a smart and loyal co-host that I’m pleased to work with!

    Good luck on the film and the book! We are looking forward to a Portland Oregon screening sometime.

    1. In that case, thanks to Brandon too. Looking forward to my next visit to Portland! (Especially if Big-Ass Sandwiches is still there :D)

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