3 Adventure Travel Podcasts Worth Checking Out This Summer

Podcasts come and go pretty frequently, so good ones are worth keeping bookmarked, as smartphones make it easier than ever before to listen to on-demand radio shows as you travel or whenever else the opportunity arises. Rather than overwhelm you with a massive listing that you’ll never get round to…

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Talking bicycle travel (and more) on Roz Savage’s Adventure Podcast

Last week I was honoured to be invited as a guest on a new adventure podcast series hosted by Roz Savage, ocean rower extraordinaire and all-round legend, cunningly entitled Roz Savage’s Adventure Podcast. (iTunes link / RSS link.) My incomprehensible burblings comprised the series’ 7th episode, which has so far…

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On Adventure Storytelling (and more) with Travis Sherry of the ExtraPackOfPeanuts.com Podcast

A little something for your listening pleasure this Thursday evening, now the nights are drawing in and those epic evening bike rides aren’t quite so tempting. (I apologise awfully, as always, to any alienated anti-autumnal Antipodeans. And also to any alliteration-averse Aussies.) But enough with the terrifyingly bad wordplay.

Philosophy Of Travel & The Making Of ‘Janapar’: An Interview With The Sprocket Podcast

Podcasts are to radio stations what blogs are to newspapers, and — as with all things online and unfiltered — good content bubbles to the surface through persistence and collective appreciation. These varied and portable programmes are one of my favourite things to listen to (with one ear, naturally) during…

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