Talking bicycle travel (and more) on Roz Savage’s Adventure Podcast

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Last week I was honoured to be invited as a guest on a new adventure podcast series hosted by Roz Savage, ocean rower extraordinaire and all-round legend, cunningly entitled Roz Savage’s Adventure Podcast. (iTunes link / RSS link.)

My incomprehensible burblings comprised the series’ 7th episode, which has so far featured the likes of Al Humphreys, Dave Cornthwaite, Ray Zahab, and other figures more articulate, handsome and adventurous than I.

Roz is very good at probing the psychological and philosophical side of adventure. Here are a few of the things we chatted about:

02:45: How I went from bog-standard university graduate to penniless bicycle-flaneur in the first place.
04:00: The spirit of adventure, how these journeys will ruin your ego, and finding your place in the world.
06:45: How to begin a bicycle journey with 24 hours notice (or, ignoring the ‘what-ifs’).
08:45: Don’t fall at the first hurdle (i.e. don’t forget these 2 things).
11:00: One non-negotiable element of every satisfying story, and how to capture it on film.
13:45: Losing perspective (and how it helped), and the importance of creative outlets.
16:00: On the mindset required to shoot a film without it ruining your adventure (hint: it involves hats).
18:10: Dealing with introversion and the crucial role of honesty while laying your thoughts bare on camera.
20:20: Why casting yourself as a hero is a really bad way to earn the respect of an audience.
24:10: My next big adventure, explained in a woefully mysterious manner.
25:20: Lifestyle design, earning a living on the road, and the never-ending quest to strike the right balance.
28:30: The one piece of advice I’d give for getting started on your own dream adventure.

Check out the episode over on Roz’s blog, or listen now using the embedded player below.

If you liked what you heard, do consider subscribing via iTunes or the show’s RSS feed. The show is brand new, and your feedback, comments and ratings will all be hugely appreciated by Roz and the team behind it.

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3 responses to “Talking bicycle travel (and more) on Roz Savage’s Adventure Podcast”

  1. Misha Meng avatar
    Misha Meng

    Howdy Tom & Roz, Fantastic Podcast ! Pc are a Great way to share the variety of adventure lifestyles that are possible. I have followed both of you on your amazing journeys. You both inspired & motivate my daily dreams of micro-adventure to global journeys. Thanks-
    PS- “Port Townsend Film Festival” would love to support Janapar & Roz’s work also.

    1. I’d love for you to screen it, now it’s released. Drop me a line!

  2. Tony Slattery avatar
    Tony Slattery

    interesting podcast enjoyed it.
    like the adventure is a state of mind

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