On Adventure Storytelling (and more) with Travis Sherry of the ExtraPackOfPeanuts.com Podcast

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Make do with what you've got

A little something for your listening pleasure this Thursday evening, now the nights are drawing in and those epic evening bike rides aren’t quite so tempting. (I apologise awfully, as always, to any alienated anti-autumnal Antipodeans. And also to any alliteration-averse Aussies.)

But enough with the terrifyingly bad wordplay. A good interview is worth doing because it forces you to think on your feet, answering questions in a more honest and straightforward way, and perhaps finding new interpretations for ideas which, after long years working within a narrow topic, might be in danger of being regurgitated without thought. Thus can a good interviewer inject his or her audience’s particular perspective into the mix, creating something fresh and new.

This interview (embedded above; click here if you can’t see it) was conducted by Travis Sherry, who I met at the World Domination Summit this summer. Travis runs the fantastic Extra Pack of Peanuts website, aimed squarely at those who want to squeeze a little more from their dollars (or pounds) when it comes to travel, something that adventure cycling lends itself to quite naturally. His ongoing series of podcasts features some extraordinary characters, the most recent being Sean Aiken (another WDS acquiantance), who talks about that time he had 52 different jobs in one year

I hope you enjoy the interview, and I’d be very happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

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2 responses to “On Adventure Storytelling (and more) with Travis Sherry of the ExtraPackOfPeanuts.com Podcast”

  1. سلام تام
    ممنونم از شما خیلی زیاد برای حرف های بسیار بسیار خوبت.من دختر ایرانی هستم که رویای سفر در سر دارم و در تلاشم تا به یک روز من هم عازم شوم.مرسی تام از حرفای دل گرم کنندت.

  2. Menno Dekhuyzen avatar
    Menno Dekhuyzen

    Hello Tom,
    Thank you for this link. It is so true everything you told Travis!
    I enjoyed the (too short) time you spent in the Netherlands with me.
    But I am sure we will meet again, maybe on the road?

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