3 Adventure Travel Podcasts Worth Checking Out This Summer

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Podcasts come and go pretty frequently, so good ones are worth keeping bookmarked, as smartphones make it easier than ever before to listen to on-demand radio shows as you travel or whenever else the opportunity arises.

Rather than overwhelm you with a massive listing that you’ll never get round to sifting through, here are three podcast suggestions on the topic of travel and adventure I’ve come across over the last few months, all of which are well worth checking out if you’re looking for new listening material on the theme of travel, adventure, expeditions and the great outdoors.

(You may notice that I’ve previously been invited as a guest on these shows; needless to say there are plenty of far more interesting contributors in their back catalogues whose episodes you can listen to as well!)

1. The Paul Kirtley Podcast

After working for one of the best-known bushcraft schools in the UK, bushcraft instructor Paul Kirtley set up his own school, Frontier Bushcraft, and now runs a highly successful blog on the subject of survival skills and outdoor living.

Paul is less interested in bushcraft for its own sake than as a set of skills for making journeys. And so don’t expect to find in-depth discussions on knife sharpening and firelighting. Instead, the interview-style podcast revolves around the stories of Paul’s adventurous contributors, what drives them, and what they’ve learned from their experiences.

His podcast is still quite new, but judging by the success of his first few episodes, which include interviews with hugely respected figures like Ray Goodwin, Tristan Gooley and Chris Townsend, I imagine it’ll quickly become one to watch. Or listen to. You know what I mean.

2. Zero To Travel

Jason Moore’s approach with Zero To Travel is focused on sharing the experiences and knowledge of seasoned travellers in order to help newcomers to the world of travel tackle their concerns and get started with their adventures, as well as those who want to transition to living on the road full time.

Also an interview-style podcast, Jason’s contributors are mainly experts on those topic which surround travel and adventure and enable it to happen more often, including travel hacking (for free and cheap flights and accommodation), self employment or so-called ‘digital nomadic’ living.

With over a hundred episodes to date and a five-star rating on iTunes, you won’t be running out of worthwhile listening material any time soon.

3. Walking The Earth

The host and creator of Walking The Earth, Mike Margolies, also set up his podcast to explore the full-time travel lifestyles of contributors around the world.

His approach is very open-minded – you’ll hear more about lifestyle philosophy and spirituality from his interviewees than travel tips and techniques.

Because of this, his show (now 72 episodes strong and counting) and the projects and passions of his contributors are hugely diverse and meandering.

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What’s your favourite travel and adventure podcast? Let us know in the comments.

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10 responses to “3 Adventure Travel Podcasts Worth Checking Out This Summer”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Any idea how to find the “biggest” podcasts (which may or may not be different to the “best”)? I’m trying to find some with the biggest reach…

    1. I’m afraid not… my friend Jason keeps a good list, though…

    2. If you’re talking about podcasts in general, and not particularly adventure/cycling related, there are 2 pretty huge:
      ‑The Tim Ferris show. The guy got pretty famous with his 4‑Hour Workweek book, and now has a huge following on whatever he does. Podcast is mostly personal interviews with personalities from different fields. I listened to a few but realized it was not what I was looking for, but the podcast is for sure very popular
      ‑Freakonomics. Following the success from the book with the same name. This is a US radio program that they happen to broadcast as podcast too. It touches many different topics in a scientific but down to earth way. Also very popular.

      Bike related, I’m still on the search. Many good ones have been abandoned a while ago (don’t blame them, podcasting seems to be a lot of work unless it’s your job as radio presenter). Adventure related, I really like the Family Adventure Podcast. I don’t have a family myself, but the program is a great resource as it gives a great motivation to travel, and a fair picture of risks, challenges, and rewards. If a 20 something does a backpacking trip, it’s cool. If a family of 5 does the same, that is a real feat!!!

      1. The two podcasts I listen to with the biggest reach are (as Joe said) The Tim Ferris show, and also The Art of Charm (don’t let the name fool you — some killer interviews with heavy hitters, and one of my favorites!). Hope that helps!

  2. Great list, added them to my bag of podcast solace.
    Would also recommend The Dirtbag Diaries; long standing mix of mountaineering, cycling, kayaking etc.

    1. I love the Dirt Bag Diaries as well!

  3. Hey Tom, I’m honored to make this short list! Wow, just want to say thank you so much for sharing the show — and if you are checking it out for the first time be sure to check out the interview with Tom, it’s part of an “Epic Bike Rides” themed week with multiple episodes about adventure cycling that I hope you’ll enjoy. Tom, thanks for inspiring me and for all you do! Cheers — Jason

    1. Jason’s Zero to Travel podcast is a MUST if you are into travel! He gives a ton of practical advice and it’s just so fun to go along for the ride! I do believe that I have listened to every episode:)

  4. Thanks for this post Tom!
    I’m definitely going to keep an eye on the comments as I’m always looking for travel/adventure podcasts to listening to.

    My newest discovery is How are you? Where are you?
    It’s about a couple from New Zealand that lived in London for a while. They are now cycling back to their homeland through Europe and South America. They have just finished their European leg. They are documenting the journey through audio and they keep getting better at it, including more voices and sounds as they go along 🙂

    I would also recommend The Pursuit Zone by Paul Schmid. It’s an interview style podcast in which Paul Schmid talks in-depth with adventurer about some of their trips.

    And finally The Dirtbag Diairies which never fails to deliver a great episode about adventure through personal stories and report from the field.

    1. Hi Allyse (and others)! If you want to learn about epic adventure travel, please check out my new Active Travel Adventures podcast! All adventures require you to MOVE from one place to the next, be it by hiking, paddling, cycling, horseback, or a combination, BUT I also have to be able to do them (and I’m a 57 year old woman in decent shape). It’s a lot of fun and lots of cool trips! I hope you’ll check it out!

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