Everything you’ll need to know about choosing gear for cycle touring in a single resource

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If you missed it back in February, you’ll be pleased to know that my latest eBook, Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring, is now available to the public.

Combining the hard-earned wisdom of more than 50 experienced long-haul cyclists into a single 257-page volume, reading Essential Gear will take the pain out of getting kitted out for a ride of any length, location or budget – particularly if (like most of us) you’re not really a ‘gear head’.

I’ve written this guide to impart you with the broadest range of distilled wisdom about gear choice for a cycle tour, more than any other resource available, taking you a big step closer to getting on your bike and hitting the road.

Check it out at GearForCycleTouring.com →

Even if this isn’t for you, you can still participate by helping it reach as many future bicycle adventurers as possible! Simply share the project’s website, GearForCycleTouring.com, on your social network of choice. It only takes a minute, and will benefit the project no end.

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3 responses to “Everything you’ll need to know about choosing gear for cycle touring in a single resource”

  1. Kudos to Tenny for the design and layout! The screenshots look already pretty promising and I’m curious to take a look at the final version as well. It was really interesting to accompany or better say observe the making of the book a wee bit and I can imagine the countless mugs of coffee that may have brought you through the writing and editing process…
    Best of luck for the launch Tom and may the eBook become a compendium for some inspiring “adventouring” all over the world! 🙂

  2. This is great. We are about to start a ride from Alaska to Argentina and will definitely be using this extensively. Thank you!

    1. My pleasure. I hope it comes in useful!

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