Four Spectacular Moments From Mongolia

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These composite shots are from moments during my time in Mongolia when I made a special effort to capture the essence of the landscape and the atmosphere.

You can be the judge of how successful I was!

Camping under the stormclouds in Mongolia
We pitched our tents under a clear blue sky. By the time we’d washed in the river and cooked dinner, storm clouds were rolling in…

The storm threatens
The wind picked up and we were suddenly pelted with rain and hail. This unsettled weather was apparently the norm during the spring, but it took us by surprise repeatedly.
Lake Khovsgol, ice and clouds
Khovsgol lake, still mostly frozen over, provided us with some of the most spectacular wild camping we’ve ever had, anywhere in the world, as well as providing clean drinking water and seriously refreshing swims!
Spectacular sunset over forests, mountains and valleys in Mongolia
One evening, high on a remote hilltop, we were treated to a stunning, drawn-out sunset over the distant peaks.

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2 responses to “Four Spectacular Moments From Mongolia”

  1. Bro,
    Some truly spectacular scenery there. I need to get me a wider angle lens to have even the potential to take some similar shots!

    1. Ultrawide is my favourite…

      But actually the last shot was taken with a 50mm prime!

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