Risk and Uncertainty in Life and Travel

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Andy has written an excellent and thought-provoking article on the value of risk-taking. He’s returned to live in the UK now and it’s interesting to see how he is applying the lessons learnt from travel to a post-Ride-Earth life:

Often there seems to be a lot of emphasis put on being ‘certain’. We are used to having access to so much information that can make us feel surer about our decisions. However, we can’t know fully the accuracy of the information if it is from secondary sources. There has to be space for using our intuitive skills and allowing serendipity into the equation. Perhaps the problem with the web, incredibly popular iPhones and other such gadgets is that they are too focused on giving us access to the information and cut out the process of getting to the information. Does it take away our ability to search out the information we need through other means other than using google maps or looking on wikipedia? Does it make us shun doing things that we are not 100% sure about? Does it make us worse at working out the information we really need?

Read the full article on his blog.