#freeLEJOG: How Tegan Gave My Touring Bike A New Lease Of Life

A couple of weeks back I offered up my no-budget touring bike and gear to whoever came up with the most appropriate plan for what they’d do with it.

The winner, a South African student by the name of Tegan Phillips (whose video entry you just have to watch), is now en route for Spain, having dropped by last week to collect it all.

2014-08-01 08-00-13 - Tegan - NEX7

I’m not going to ramble on about Tegan, her trip plans, what happened the day she departed on her first big cycling adventure, or anything like that.

Instead, I’d like you to take the time you’d put aside for reading my blog and spend it reading hers instead.


Well, not exactly reading… in fact, I’m not quite sure what the right word is.

Tegan’s unique story can be followed at unclippedadventure.blogspot.com.

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4 responses to “#freeLEJOG: How Tegan Gave My Touring Bike A New Lease Of Life”

  1. You doing fantastic Tegan.….. Dont leave us “hanging” so long.…. Can’t wait to read to the “end” of your journey.

  2. es un una niña encantadora y muy valiente,espero que llegue al fnal de su aventura habiendo dsfrutado y contando todas sus aventuras, mucgo animo Tegan..

  3. Steve Jones avatar
    Steve Jones

    Absolutely amazing! I’m talking about how Tegan can get so much fun and boundless enthusiasm for traveling by bike to jump off my computer screen half way around the world! Just wow! I think I feel at least ten years younger ( maybe twenty ) after reading her sketchblog. More please Tegan!

    1. I agree, it’s a brilliant blog! You can feel the enthusiasm welling up inside you as you read it. She’s going to be a star 🙂

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