#freeLEJOG: What Happened To Tegan Phillips & Charlie The No-Budget Touring Bike?

Last summer I offered to give away a full touring bike and equipment. The winner was Tegan Phillips, a South African student looking for a way to spend a month or so before starting a semester as an overseas student in the UK.

Tegan won the giveaway by making this awesome video:

Then she turned up at my flat in Bristol and wobbled off to catch a ferry to Spain. Her blog about this trip, Unclipped Adventure, was – quite literally – the best blog I’d ever read about cycle touring.

Now? She’s cycling through Africa with her whole family. Her amazing blog continues here, but in the meantime, I asked her to put together another video telling the story of what happened and what she learned on her first big bike trip:

Amazing. Thank you for telling your inspiring story, Tegan, and safe roads!

P.S. The journeys of Charlie The Bike continue! Last I heard, he was heading to Portugal, and there’s a growing queue of riders waiting to continue the journey in the same spirit. More when news becomes available…

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3 responses to “#freeLEJOG: What Happened To Tegan Phillips & Charlie The No-Budget Touring Bike?”

  1. I love the idea of Charlie being “fostered” by new adventurers…

  2. Mick Bailey avatar
    Mick Bailey

    Just fantastic. Some really powerful messages. What a person and how well she used the opportunity.

  3. Mike Greer avatar
    Mike Greer

    A very powerful plee Tom, no wonder she won the bike ! Long may she continue with her adventures

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