How To Cycle Around The World: A New eBook by Tim Moss

Amid all the buzz of the recent Kickstarter campaign (which ended in success – woohoo!), there’s every chance you might have missed the release of Tim Moss’s new ebook How To Cycle Around The World.

Link: check it out and download it here.


Tim’s website is one of the UK adventure blogging scene’s long-runners. The sheer volume of practical resources for expedition planning he’s made available online is staggering and frankly puts my own efforts to shame.

He’s also just returned from actually cycling around the world himself with his wife Laura, co-founded the Cycle Touring Festivaland set up the largest database of long-distance cycle journey statistics in existence. So let there be no doubt about his credentials both as a writer and as an authority on the topic at hand.

The book itself is a short-ish primer, rather than an encyclopaedic manual on the topic, and because of this it’s as much about providing inspiration and motivation that this thing is possible as telling you how to do it.

And while the title of the book implies a circumnavigation, the advice inside is relevant to the planning of any long-distance ride, regardless of whether it involves actually circling the globe.

Tim has thoughtfully included Q&As with and tips from a wide spread of other world cyclists, including Mark Beaumont, Alastair Humphreys, Julian Sayarer, and many others, which results in a diverse spread of advice, rather than a dogmatic approach based on one person’s experience.

If you’re keen to get to grips quickly with exactly what it takes to pull off such a trip, and don’t want to get bogged down in the details, I’d highly recommend giving How To Cycle Around The World a read.

Nice one, Tim! Find out more about his book and download your copy over at