Microadventure: A Lap of Zone One in 24 Hours

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Recently, Howies* set up a microadventure competition, in which a grand’s worth of outdoor clothing was put up for grabs for the best told microadventure story.

But the rules didn’t specify that the microadventure should take place in the countryside. The result was this incredibly fun urban adventure.

Cheers to Howies for an excuse to bivvy, swim, paddle, bike and walk a lap of central London (as if one was needed)! By the way, chaps, my wife would be overjoyed if I got some new clothes…

UPDATE: This video won the competition! Thanks again to Howies* for the fantastic recycled/organic merino tops*, woolly jumpers and outdoor trousers. My wife is, indeed, pleased. For now.

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  1. […] as well as his other smaller projects such as his award-winning short micro-adventure film about a lap of London’s Zone One are impressive creations, and having always had a vested interest in film – especially of the […]

  2. lilalia avatar

    Excellent film. It really captured all the good, bad, and the silliness of creating an urban adventure of another sorts.

    1. Thanks 🙂

  3. Really inspiring work there, just makes me want to spend the day travelling around London. Awesome on toms “boat” where did you get it from? Keep up the hard work.

    1. It’s an Alpacka packraft — see their website for more info.

  4. Brilliant stuff, but no way did the water in the Thames look OK for swimming in! Love the music and moody footage, I wish I could create something as professional looking as this. If there is any justice this should be the winning entry in the competition.

    1. thanks for the great feedback!

  5. Leon McCarron avatar
    Leon McCarron

    Tom, this is fantastic! Really inventive and well shot. Great job mate

  6. brilliant stuff Tom. I’m envious.

  7. Kim Nguyen avatar

    Hey Tom and Andy,

    Great work! Amazing images, great editing, great use of music, fun activities. You guys could probably get some money from London to do those kinds of videos and promote the city. If you wanted. 

    Catch you two later! Might be back in Europe second half of next year so if you two are still around. 


  8. Bro that is possibly the best 9 or so minutes of footage I have seen ever. Also great choice of soundtrack. Loving it. Perhaps a microadventure is in order Vancouver style when it happens

  9. Before Andy gets bollocked for trying to swim across the Thames, I was paddling his safety boat (hence no footage!)

  10. What a blast! Loved it.

    I’ve got a micro adventure video in the works too. A wee micro-adventure here in Hokkaido, Japan 🙂


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