VIDEO: Bikepacking Outer Mongolia (Part Four)

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This is the last part of my series of videos from mountain-biking in Mongolia last year (start with Part One if you just found this). In this episode we find ourselves spending several days pushing our bikes down a deserted valley in search of a town whose name we are unable to pronounce, lured on by the faint hope of a big plate of deep-fried dumplings with which to celebrate the end of our trip.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed these videos. Now’s the time for you to help me improve the next project. What was your favourite scene or story? What bored you? What would you have liked to have seen more and less of? Was the series a success or a failure for you?

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One response to “VIDEO: Bikepacking Outer Mongolia (Part Four)”

  1. Great stuff guys.

    Mongolia is unique. My mom lived there when she was little, so I showed here that. Almost 40 years a go and not much has changed she says.
    I cycled from Morocco to Germany this summer, but it is nothing in comparison to this trip of yours.



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