VIDEO: Bikepacking Outer Mongolia (Part One)

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I recently spent several weeks bikepacking across Mongolia with my good friend Andy. We decided to pool our filmmaking experience to try to create a really entertaining bicycle adventure video which also captured the scale and diversity of the country. This is the fruit of our labours — please take 10 minutes out of your day to give the first episode a try.

The remaining three episodes will appear on this blog over the next few weeks. My main reason for producing these videos has been to practice the craft of editing, so your feedback on the series would really help me to improve my future projects. Please leave your comments below.

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15 responses to “VIDEO: Bikepacking Outer Mongolia (Part One)”

  1. delightful.. you two are goofballs. i didn’t enjoy the part where the film went in “fast forward”. thank you for sharing your adventure

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

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  3. jenny quick avatar
    jenny quick

    all 3 fabulous. wallpaper/drumming/dog whispering/romantic with flowers/and sheer hardy freezing skinny-dipping make for lovely entertainment while curled up with poorly guts and hot water bottle!!
    What’s next? (oh, and how did you handle untethered dogs, or did they all just trot along until they found something more interesting to do?!!)

    Cheers gentlemen, and best wishes, Jenny (‘Beethoven-by-Bike’-small-person, setting off June, heading for first little “soiree” somewhere near Stockholm)

    1. Hey Jenny — I guess you are the piano-cyclist-in-waiting…?

      Next up is Part 4 — the final part! Then I’m off to Norway for a month or so for some ice-biking — there might be a video from that in the future as well…

      Dogs are rarely a problem; these ones were friendly but departed when they realised there was no food going spare… sometimes they’re more aggressive, depending on where you are, but rarely up for an actual fight unless you run away too enthusiastically!

      Thanks for your comment, really appreciated. Hope you get well soon!

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  5. Peter Jordan avatar
    Peter Jordan

    Very good chaps,
    Liked the music along with the landscape. During the video there is a little wind noise. I got the same filming with my Canon G9. To get rid of it i put a small piece of sponge over the mic and held it with an elastic band. This cut all but the very worst of the wind noise out but didn’t effect the normal talking to camera and other sounds.
    I’m only saying this because you asked for feedback and I’m not criticizing at all. I thought it was great and your video’s will only get better as you go on.

    1. Hey Peter — thanks for the feedback. We did in fact use a windshield on the mic at all times, but often the wind was just too strong for it to be effective. We really needed a pro windgag there…

  6. Awesome video guys! The landscape looks incredible. Lucky! 

    Time for episode two!

    Exceed Possibility

  7. Excellent video! I thought the ‘quiet’ part between leaving the town and finding the shrine was especially effective at focussing attention — a good editing technique. Right, off to watch part two!

  8. Your new internet site looks great! Unfortunately our internet connections here in Thailand are too slow to be able to watch the video…

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  10. Parkrunner avatar

    Brilliant! Can’t wait for the next episode. I loved the wallpaper bit and the bit at the beginning when you were riding uphill, I felt your pain. Well done!

  11. Well done sir!
    Bulgan looks a wonderfully random far-off spot.
    And I love the fire-jammin’ at the end!

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