Pain Stops Play

We attempted to leave Budapest on Sunday. We made about 30km and then it happened. My left knee, which had been giving me pain over the 3 days between Vienna and Budapest, started to hurt again.

There’s nothing for it — it needs to get better. I can’t cycle right now, depressing and frustrating as it is. This afternoon, I’m going to see an orthopedic surgeon in Budapest to see how I can treat it. But for the next few days at least, thanks to David’s uncompromising hospitality, we’re staying in the yurt.


David’s stories and philosophies are truly captivating and the campfire discussions we’ve been having are excellent food for thought. I am quite content to be relaxing here, as I have no real time limits on my travels, so I am using this as an opportunity to do some reading and debating. I would recommend anyone travelling through Budapest to look David up on and stay a night or two.

Sleeping outside in Budapest

This also gives us time to improve the riding position of our bikes, which is the likely cause of the problem; reflect on the last few weeks’ travel; and do a bit more research into the next part of the route. I’m hoping that the news I get later today will be positive, and that we’ll be able to get underway once again before too long.

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3 responses to “Pain Stops Play”

  1. English Yurt-Monger avatar
    English Yurt-Monger

    I think the fact that you bongoloids are living in a yurt is excellent.

    Quite frankly, the Yurtishness that you have displayed is astounding. Never since the days of Timur, have I seen anyone take to the ways of Yurting quite like you two.

    Ahh well — maybe you will both get eaten by a Magyar man before long and realise the error of your knee bashing ways.

    You guys have lots of gossip to catch up on here. I’m going to store it all in my own mini Yurt for when you get back.



  2. Jack Mackenzie avatar
    Jack Mackenzie

    Hey guys, this is Hannah’s friend from uni here. Two things:

    1 — I contacted David a while ago and might be staying with him in September so I’ll ask all about Hannah’s brother and his friends.

    2 — The same thing happened to my knee when I was cycling the wrong way from Nice to Avignon (i.e. through the alps, I think it was some sick french practical joke on the english to send me that way). It was fucked for a month afterwards so I hope you heal quicker!

    What a coincidence. Happy travelling xxxx

  3. Dan Franks avatar
    Dan Franks

    Who’s on the fire poi? surely Davids, they must be excess to the pannier capacity!

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