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There Is No Better Time To Be Planning Your Next Dream Cycling Adventure

Now is obviously not the time to be setting off on a globetrotting bike trip.

But as we’ve all been discovering over the last few weeks, disruptions create space for thinking… differently.

Amid much uncertainty and, yes, real hardship and trauma, we also have a priceless opportunity to reimagine the path we’ve been travelling through life, and to redirect those parts of our futures we can control towards newly-reconsidered destinations.

That’s why – even if our departure dates remain to-be-confirmed, and even if the places we’re thinking of going are closer to home – I would argue that there is no better time to be planning a dream bicycle-mounted adventure.

If you’ve been sitting on such a dream for some time, it’s likely it and others have recently resurfaced with a new sense of urgency.

So why not start laying the groundwork? Why not get some of those big decisions made, those big questions answered, those big obstacles overcome?

Why not commit, right now, to beginning your journey to the starting line?

I am willing to bet that you have, over the last few weeks, overcome a challenge you never imagined you’d have to face, or solved a problem you previously considered unsolvable. Whether financial, existential, philosophical, or spiritual; the details don’t matter. What matters is that you have experienced the necessity of thinking in a way you’ve never had to think before.

Your mind is primed for doing it again – but this time for something you’ve chosen to do.

What is happening right now should be a source of empowerment; a reminder – if you needed it – that we are all more resourceful and adaptable than the routines of just a couple of months ago might have suggested.

It should be a lesson that whatever rationalisations or excuses or pain points have been standing in the way of that dream can be overcome, so long as you make doing so a condition of necessity.

The easiest way to achieve that necessity is to commit. Make a promise to yourself. Ignore those tropes about publicising your goals and having an audience hold you to account. Social media parted ways with reality a long time ago. This should be a deal you make quietly with your soul.

There has never been a better time to do so.

Because you’ve finally remembered that the best time is always now.

Every morning during the last six weeks of lockdown I have got up at 6am and spent several hours rewriting and updating my newcomers’ guide to cycling adventures.

Titled How To Hit The Road: A Beginners’ Guide To Cycle Touring & Bikepacking, it’s no coincidence I’ve chosen this moment to publish the second edition of my most popular book to date.

Spring is usually the time to be planning summer travels, but this year we’re suddenly thinking further ahead. I decided it was more important than ever I do all I can to help the adventure cycling community – and most of all those who’ve just discovered it – to travel the long road towards realising their ambitious dreams.

How To Hit The Road is now available as a Kindle ebook on all Amazon platforms. (A much-requested paperback edition will follow shortly.)

You can head straight to the Kindle store to download the free sample, or check out this page for more information about what you’ll find inside – and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about the book in the comments below!

Header photo by Carl-David Granbäck. Used with permission.

8 replies on “There Is No Better Time To Be Planning Your Next Dream Cycling Adventure”

Thank you for this shot of optimism. I must say, I have been feeling disappointed by and alienated from the cycle-touring community this last weeks. On so many discussion threads, someone suggesting they were planning a tour as soon as things reopen, was downvoted and attracted replies along the lines of “It is irresponsible to even think about touring again until we have a vaccine!!!”, “If the authorities in your region open things up again, they are incompetent and putting people’s lives at risk. We need to stay home for two years! You are responsible for any deaths!!!” etc. Blogs like yours and a handful of others remind me that not everyone has given into panic and hyperbole.

Hello Tom,
Thanks for the post.
“A much-requested paperback edition will follow shortly.”
Could you specify “shortly” please ? Is it much dependent on the COVID crisis ? Is it a matter of weeks, or months ?

I’ve had so many requests about this, I’m going to say ‘weeks’ 🙂

It will be print-on-demand, so the current crisis should have a minimal effect.

Really waiting for the paperback. I know my perspective on cycle touring is very narrow. Hoping it to be an eye-opener.

Thanks Tom, really encouraging words from you. I was planning my first cycling tour in Eastern Europe this April and obviosly it got cancelled due to the ongoing situation. But this article is spot on for me, I have my whole life ahead to do this and there is no better time to plan for it. Thanks 🙂

Just found your site. The majority of the bikes mentioned unfamiliar to me. I ‘ve just started to investigate touring bikes and I noticed the absence of KOGA in your blog and reviews from your followers. Are they considered over rated and/or over priced. I’ve looked at and read reviews for the TREK and they seem to come up pretty short, longterm wise. Your thoughts.…Thanks

Hi Tom I am so thrilled to of found your blog. I am looking at starting bike packing and have spent hours reading your advise. One thing I love about your trips is your photography. What is your camera set-up?

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