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Tuesday’s announcement appears to have resulted in mild confusion about the fate of this long-running cycle touring blog.

Allow me to set the record straight: is here to stay!

The launch of reflects the fact that I have interests and stories beyond bicycle travel. But travelling on two wheels remains the thing that’s most precious to me – and I’ve got plenty more to write about, not least because I continue to go on regular cycling adventures.

Simply expect this blog to continue in a more focused way from now on.

So, if you’re more interested in personal philosophies, tales from on the road and off, insights into independent filmmaking and publishing, and notes on life as a compulsive world wanderer and storyteller, is where you’ll find them.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested specifically in cycle touring, will remain your source of news, insights, how-to’s, and the occasional trip report on this wonderful and life-changing way of travelling.

I hope, of course, that many of you will fall into both categories.


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  1. You’re the gift that keeps on giving. TBT’s an amazing resource. Been adventure cycling (on and off) since the mid 80s, but I’ve learned stuff from this site, a lot of stuff. The thing that’s often missing from this type of resource is the ‘head’ stuff and it’s been a glaring omission from most books, resources and travelogues since… forever. TAI might just be best addition to a wanders armoury since time [or at least the internet] began.

    First travelogue [that I’ve read] where the author gave some insights into the pain and hardship of lone wandering was Al Humphrey’s two books. But even that only touched on it. I’d like to learn more about that kind of thing. We all know about it, but only during the event. And the afterwards, the feelings of dreadful loneliness when surrounded by people. I’ve never really coped with that and it’d be good to hear how others have (or haven’t) etc. There aren’t any decent resources that deal with that kind of thing, so maybe between TBT and TAI it’s a subject that could be explored.

    That’s my brain fart for the morning…

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