Why, After 9 Years Running TomsBikeTrip.com, I Started A New Blog Today

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This is the biggest upheaval in my blogging life since Ride Earth became Tom’s Bike Trip back in 2010.

It’s long overdue.

The short answer to the “why” in the title of this post is this:

I have a lot more to say about travel, adventure & storytelling than there’s space for on a cycle touring website.

The long answer can be found in the 2,187-word article I’ve just published on my brand new blog.

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It’s unclear where this new venture will lead. But that’s true of every Day One, isn’t it?

Click here to read more and see if this new journey is one you’d be interested in following.

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3 responses to “Why, After 9 Years Running TomsBikeTrip.com, I Started A New Blog Today”

  1. Hello Tom, this is my first visit on your old blog/website. I really like this site, however the newer one is much cooler. I like the decision you’ve come up with to switch to a new website. 🙂

    I agree that to cover a lot more new concepts regarding adventure and traveling, a new place is highly demanding. Since this old blog already has got popular by the name tag of cycling blog.

    So it’s look your new site and hope to visit again, to check out new update blog post! Take care.

  2. I hope it goes well. I hate the idea that a blog should be about a single, specific subject and look forward to reading your thoughts on other things.

    All the best.

  3. Good luck with it all, Tom!

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