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  • While You’re Waiting, You Might Enjoy…

    Maybe you’ve been enjoying reading about my escapades in far-flung lands. And maybe you’re not particularly enthralled by the idea of reading up on my random musings, preparations and escapades as I remain relatively static for the next few months. If so, look no further, as I have a few suggestions that may just keep […] Continue reading →

  • Ride Earth 2009 Charity Calendar

    It’s a couple of weeks into January, so it’s likely you’re thinking about getting round buying yourself a calendar for 2009. If you like your calendars to be visually appealing, you could do far worse than stumping up £12.95 for our Ride Earth charity calendar. Produced and delivered by Red Bubble, all of the profit we […] Continue reading →

  • My New Year’s Resolutions

    To ride my planned route with renewed purpose and enthusiasm, using the knowledge that Tenny, my girlfriend, is awaiting my return to guide me when the going gets tough. To return to Iran with less doubt, more experience, and a fresh outlook on the world and my future, friends and family. To live every day like […] Continue reading →

  • Home For Christmas

    Good evening. I’m writing from the opulent luxury of my parents’ home! But the luxury doesn’t come from central heating, a hot shower, or a well-stocked fridge (although these things are most enticing). No, the true luxury is the feeling of having a permanent base to come back to, something I haven’t had for almost […] Continue reading →

  • A Quick Trip to Blighty

    As you might have guessed from the title of this post, Tenny and I caused something of a stir when we turned up unannounced at my parents’ front door last Sunday night! Continue reading →

  • A New Look For Me — And My Blog

    In case you’re wondering why I seem to have disappeared for the last few weeks, I am finally able to bring you news of my predicament. Continue reading →

  • Further Reading

    Looking back, we English chaps have a colourful history of exploration — epic journeys into the unknown, breaking new ground, new methods, new records. One of the current generation following in the footsteps of Livingstone, Shackleton, Fiennes et al is a young Yorkshire lad called Alastair Humphreys, who I first heard about when I was […] Continue reading →

  • My Little Letter to my M.P.

    I might be a little way round the globe, but I’ve taken a little time to write to my local Member of Parliament in England. I’m writing from an area of the world where the wishes (and votes) of the citizens are routinely undermined by powerful, corrupt politicians. Living in a democracy where your voice […] Continue reading →