More on honesty and deceit in travel writing

I remember reading an early draft of Andy’s book some years ago and complaining that events I witnessed alongside him were sometimes retold in a slightly different order. I was annoyed because he’d deliberately altered aspects of the truth, however tiny, to suit the telling of his story. Having now…

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Truth and lies in narrative non-fiction

I have no idea whether it is a good idea to be putting the finer details of my personal life up for public scrutiny in a 400-page book. I am worried. Things exist in this story that a big chunk of my ego does not want anyone to know. And…

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What I Learnt From My Copy-Editor

Less is more.

A quick update on Janapar, the book

At 2am this morning I completed my last run-through of the edited manuscript, which I received on Friday night, and — all being well in the proofread — it is the last time that the text will change for this first paperback and hardback edition of Janapar that Kickstarter has made possible!…

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Calling All Adventure-Loving Clubs & Societies From Gibraltar To The Urals

With six days left to go, the Kickstarter campaign is going from strength to strength. After the stressful two-year process of creating the book and the film, flying by the seat of our pants throughout, James and I are now in the slightly more comfortable position of being able stop…

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