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Video: Cycling The Scandinavian Arctic In Midwinter

I re-edited the short film I made of my little ice-biking excursion in Norway and Sweden to make it eligible for a documentary scholarship application run by WorldNomads.

I was surprised and pleased to come in as the fourth-place runner up out of about 200 entries. It is a valuable thing for an aspiring film-maker to receive a bit of critical praise after a lot of hard work at honing a craft — just as valuable, maybe, as the first-place prize, which was to join a documentary-making expedition in the northern Australian outback. That would have been fun!

It’s equally valuable to receive helpful, measured criticism, because in that way a person who is able to accept it can identify ways to experiment and improve in the future. I’m heartened that pursuing what I love doing is having a moving effect on other people, and encouraged to press forward with the exciting plans I’m developing for a future film project.

(Sorry I can’t tell you what it is yet!)

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