Video: Letter From Lapland

Making a film of my cycle tour in Norway and Sweden this winter was never part of the plan. But long hours in the saddle tend to generate ideas. It’s short — only two minutes — and sweet. Enjoy!

17 Responses to “Video: Letter From Lapland”

  1. Liz

    Touching 🙂

  2. Mark Waters

    that’s great , thanks for sharing your trip and inspiring us all.

  3. Richard

    I love it Tom!

  4. gaz

    Great little video Tom

  5. Tim Moss

    If it’s cheesy then it’s a fine, fine cheddar. Love it.

  6. lilalia

    Good video. Liked the fact that you mentioned the challenges along with the joys. Wouldn’t have thought there would have been very many birds singing. In the cold Canadian winter days I experienced as a child, I only remember the silence and the crunching of the snow beneath my feet. Just goes to show how tricky memory is.

    Had a great time reading about your travels.

  7. ian


    makes me even more excited about my ride to poland that starts a month TODAY!

  8. Sausage King

    You make me want to quit my job, load my family into my backpack and take off with no destination in mind…

  9. Rohan

    Looks like a lot of fun — great views and so much time and space to yourself.

  10. Bryan B

    I love how you undermine everything you’re doing with your comments about the coldness and road conditions and make it all seem so beautiful and worth it. This is really high quality stuff. I’d totally buy a copy of your film.

  11. daniel

    That is brilliant!
    well done.

  12. Reuben Tabner

    Tom, rarely does a film grab me as much as yours just has! Touching to the tip of inspiration for all things, a creative mind sees it as a masterpiece and the rider in me see’s it with envy, which is quickly replaced by dusting my bike off and heading out on to the moors! Thank you!

    • Tom

      Thank you for the kind words Reuben, I’m really happy this video has mostly gone down well — it’s encouraging me to keep at it and make the next one better still.

  13. Tom Ray

    Awesome video, you have inspired me and clearly many others to not follow the crowd of getting a dead end job and doing what you love. You fit this video perfectly well:

  14. Nathan Savelli

    Like your full film and book this was a masterpiece, Tom. You’re an inspiration to us all!

  15. Mark Lowen



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