341 Photos of Fully Loaded Touring Bicycles

The FLT gallery is a fantastic testament to the world of differences and similarities of bikes taken on tour. It’s a great page to pull up whenever I need some inspiration to get planning for my next trip, or just to get out there and ride.

Riding The Nile Valley

Why not plug your own site/photography and post a link to a photo of your bike in the comments ?

5 replies on “341 Photos of Fully Loaded Touring Bicycles”

Great information on this site. Thank you!. A few years back I ditched my standard 700c/29″ touring machine after riding an old school Bridgestone MTB (26″) converted to a fully-loaded tourer. It was so comfortable that I built a fully-loaded tourer from a Miyata Ridge-Runner and never looked back. Though I have the latest and greatest Specialized FSR MTB and carbon road bike, I ride the Miyata 90% of the time. It’s a “Do-Everything” bike (road, trail, gravel etc.) with a early 90’s Campagnolo Olympus 8 speed MTB/ATB group that is indestructible. After 11,000 miles and only 2 chain replacements, the drivetrain is still in like-new condition.

I also enjoy the FLT gallery, it’s fun to look at all of the different fully loaded touring bikes. Still, my favorite bicycle touring images are the ones that when you see the photo you just think, “That’s the reason why I go on bicycle trips!” Tom’s “sleeping under the Saharan stars” photo definitely falls under that category as do some of Claude Marthaler’s photos

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