First London Screening Of ‘Janapar’ Coming In June

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I wrote recently about my developing plans for Janapar, and I know that there are lots of people who’ve been waiting to see it. So I’m really chuffed to announce a free ‘movie night’ next month, especially for my blog readers, on a late-June weekend in a central London venue.

'Janapar' Private Screening at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Free, you say?!? Well, Janapar still hasn’t been publicly premiered, and we need to keep that status for the time being. So preview screenings must remain private, guest-listed and non-ticketed.

But ‘private’ means I won’t be able to post an open invitation on my blog. Instead, I’ll be sending the event details to my mailing list in a few days’ time. The newsletter will be the only way to get the event details, so if you aren’t already on the list, joining is as simple as filling out the subscribe form.

I’ll be sending event details out in the next week or two. Places are going to be limited, and I don’t know how quickly they’re going to fill up, so please get your RSVP in as soon as possible to ensure your place. James and I will be doing a Q&A session afterwards (gulp — I hate public speaking), there’ll be a chance to mingle and meet, and we’ve got a couple of extra bits and bobs planned too.

Here’s the trailer once again for those who haven’t yet had the chance to watch it:


The subscribe form link once again. Keeping this project under wraps for so long has been a real test of patience, so I really can’t wait for this — it’s going to be a lot of fun. Roll on June!