Free Photo eBook: Bicycling Around The World by Paul Jeurissen

There are lots of bicycle travellers out there.

There are also lots of excellent photographers.

When they happen to be the same person, and the results are shared with the world, we’re all in for a real treat.

Photographer Paul Jeurissen and his partner Grace Johnson have been pedalling the world for years, and have amassed a huge collection of images. And they’ve just made the very best of them available in a PDF eBook.

I’m not going to harp on about its contents, other than to say that the images and stories are stunning and inspiring, and that all of us (especially those who’ve grown old and jaded through time and miles) should put aside some time to sit down, undisturbed, and leaf carefully through it.

Click here to download the free eBook →

It’s entirely free. Free as in liberty. There’s no annoying newsletter signup to wade through or anything like that. This is purely for the love of bicycle travel.

Huge thanks to Grace and Paul for sharing this with us all! Check out their other free publications at

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4 responses to “Free Photo eBook: Bicycling Around The World by Paul Jeurissen”

  1. Thanks Tom for reviewing the book and happy to hear that people have enjoyed looking at it.

  2. Beautifully presented. The making of dreams and desires.

  3. Simon Rochdale avatar
    Simon Rochdale

    Thank you Paul for this beautiful gift! I’ve spent a wonderful hour just looking through these great photos. I think I’ve let it a bit late in my life to do what you two have been up to but I can dream can’t I? The photographs bring the world to my laptop. I can almost feel the wind and smell the stiff fish!! Stay happy and keep exploring
    Simon Rochdale

  4. Stunning photography — what a pleasure to view.

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