Europe & The Near East 2007


It’s all gone a bit mental. 1 month ago I was negotiating a sponsorship deal. Today I have a bin-liner full of camping gear next to me, a fully-built-up bike and trailer in the garage with shiny new Magura brakes and forks freshly fitted to it, a sack of cycling clothes from, and have just got off the phone to the WWF in Geneva about sponsorship ideas, including full bike sponsorship from Kona. I was also on the phone to the film production company for about half an hour discussing what direction to take the podcast in and potential ideas for a title sequence and first episode. I can’t believe how much seems to be happening all at once. I’m also coming to grips with the idea of actually leaving, now that the date is less than 6 weeks away. I’m getting occasional glimpses of the enormity of what I’m attempting but I know that the shock of the first few days is going to be intense and traumatic. This makes me excited, but also terrified. Am I ready to live in a tent for longer than I spent at university? Probably not. In fact, definitely not.

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