Why My Blog’s Been Quiet Recently (Photographic Evidence Provided)

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, my goal for 2013 is to become fluent in Farsi (Persian) by the end of the year.

A big part of this attempt, I previously wrote, would be done by totally immersing myself in the language on trips to Iran, a country to which this footloose Brit now has strong personal ties (watch the film to find out exactly how this happened).

I’m now coming to the end of my first journey in Iran, and there’ll be plenty of stories appearing on this blog over the next few weeks, as well some interesting and unexpected observations that have come out of my experiments in learning a foreign language through travel itself.

But in the meantime, allow me to whet your appetite with a handful of pictures that may hint at the kind of escapades I’ve been up to…

Saeed and me


Crossing the bridge

Farmland pano






Riverbank walking

Packrafting preparation

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6 responses to “Why My Blog’s Been Quiet Recently (Photographic Evidence Provided)”

  1. Saeid avatar

    Nice photos! Hey man as always you amaze me! I’m waiting you to come back and begin a new trip to south!

    1. امیدوارم که زود به ایران بر می‌گردم!

  2. It is my dream to hike, climb, cycle, swim and speak Farsi across Iran. I hope someday I can obtain a passport other than my American one to make my dream a reality.

  3. This is looking like a fantastic trip!

  4. Tell me you swam in the river?

    1. I swam in the river.

      I also swam in a meltwater lake at 3000m in my pants 🙂

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