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Video: 3½ Years Into 3 Minutes

A super-short blast through my time away from the UK, from bolshy beginnings in 2007 to humble homecomings a few weeks ago.



Look out for more video coming very soon. Merry Christmas!

3 replies on “Video: 3½ Years Into 3 Minutes”

A proper journey but not like a lot of other journeys. More like a slice of life with more exciting stuff thrown in for good measure.The photography got a lot better throughout. Other thoughts ‑loads of photos & have no idea what watching that just did to my brain. Thanks for all the good times. Happy and motivated to grab as much life as possible in the years to come. 

Hey!! If you watched that and you spent a lot of time in offices for the past 4 years this is what you are missing out. Take back life for yourself and fill it full of colour!

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