Need advice on planning a bike tour? OK:

  1. Pick a date. Start saving.
  2. Get a bike, tent & sleeping bag.
  3. Choose a direction and start pedalling.

That’s all there is to it. (Length, location and budget make no difference.)

I really mean this. Have another look at the picture above. Maria (left) departed Budapest on a bike she bought for £10 from a local scrapyard. After strapping a backpack to it, she spent two months cycling through Eastern Europe to Istanbul. Her life-changing bicycle adventure required less than 24 hours of planning and involved no specialist equipment whatsoever.

Need more reassurance? Think your trip’s going to be different? Right. Let’s see…

How To Plan A Bike Tour

The Basics

Things To Think About When Planning Your Trip

Finance & Lifestyle Design for Ambitious Adventurers

Life On The Road: Your Concerns Addressed

Cycle Touring Equipment

(A quick word. You don’t need any of this stuff. What you really need is the modern world’s most scarce resource: time. After that, a bicycle and a willingness to see where the road takes you are the only other necessities.)

Complete Touring Bike F.A.Q.

Choosing Gear

Recommended Bikes, Accessories & Luggage

No Money? No Problem

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Specialist Topics

Advice on Sharing Your Adventure

Deep Winter Cycle Touring