Need advice on planning a bike tour?

  1. Pick a date. Start saving.
  2. Get a bike, tent & sleeping bag.
  3. Choose a direction and start pedalling.

That’s all there is to it. (Duration and budget make no difference.) I really mean this. Have another look at the picture above. Maria (left) departed Budapest on a bike she bought for £10 from a local scrapyard. After strapping a backpack to it, she spent two months cycling through Eastern Europe to Istanbul. Her life-changing bicycle adventure required less than 24 hours of planning and involved no specialist equipment whatsoever. Need more reassurance? Think your trip’s going to be different? OK — here’s everything I know about planning a big bike tour, all in one place.

How To Plan A Bike Tour

The Basics

Things To Think About When Planning Your Trip

Finance & Lifestyle Design for Ambitious Adventurers

Life On The Road: Your Concerns Addressed

Cycle Touring Equipment

(A quick word. You don’t need any of this stuff. What you really need is the modern world’s most scarce resource: time. After that, a bicycle and a willingness to see where the road takes you are the only other necessities.)

Choosing Gear

No Money? No Problem

Recommended Bikes, Accessories & Luggage

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Specialist Topics

Advice on Sharing Your Adventure

Deep Winter Cycle Touring